Friday, December 17, 2010

Its beginnig to look alot like Christmas

Sorry its been so long since i've been in touch... things have been crazy.

1. Gretchen Kelly came up and spent Thanksgiving with me in CT - it was nice to see one of my oldest BFF's and for us to do a few updates to my Condo to prep for my Surgery, we also got all my new appliances in - i wanted that finished before surgery as well

2. Transplant surgery is January 5th at Columbia Prespyterian Hospital in NYC (Bronx 168th and Broadway).   My Dad, Sister and Step mom will be up here for the surgery so its been busy doing logistics for their travel etc..

3. Work has been crazy - trying to train someone as my temp fill in and to get as much organized and done as possible, i am very lucky to be working for WWE, they have been very good to me and i am greatful.

4. Travel to Louisiana for Christmas was as difficult as usual- Airlines dont understand Dialysis or the equiptment and dont want to help you carry/store the machine.. DELTA isn't a better airline with the merger and aren't any friendlier... unless you are crippled and in a wheelchair - you aren't sick or disabled needing assistance.  Makes me sad for other folks who aren't as hard headed and strong as I am to push back and get them to move out of my way.

5. I've been very lucky and feel very loved, i have several friends coming up to stay with me after surgery once my family leaves to help me get around, make my dr. appointments and to take care of me.. sometimes when you feel the worst ( the week after thanksgiving when I had pheumonia) and the lonliest and feel like you are in this alone, people surprise you... I have recieved some great emails, letters, phone calls, Saw some College/Sorority friends, Church Camp friends, and Best Friends more lately than i have in years and I am eternally greatful! It is really helping me get through this.

I also got some great unexpected thoughtful gifts (posted some pics on FB) and really felt the love when i most needed it... Thank you all for all the support.. .

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.. .Here is to 2011, my new Kidney and My New Life...

Determination and Belief made this happen.. .now 3 weeks to go and I just need to hang on and stay as well as possible to prep for surgery.