Friday, September 17, 2010

Checking In- Update

Its been an interesting week or so -
  • Met my surgeon at Columbia - Love him! Dr. Guarrera is great.
  • Have a major infection in my left arm from my Iron IV permeating the vein- on antibiotics for that one
  • Dialysis still hurts and is getting worse, but atleast we know the cause of it
    • I have a new Hernia on both sides of my pelvis
    • They said premie babies are more prone to these and they formed due to the dialysis - stretching my abdominal area and causing the weak points to blow out
    • The longer i do dialysis the worse it will get and the more pain it will cause since we are upping the fluid
    • Even if we remove the Catheter when I get a transplant, this hernia will not go away
  • Next Steps-
    • My Catheter surgeon, Nephrologist, OBGYN are all trying to get in touch with my Transplant surgeon to see which one of the following we will do
      • Repair the Hernia at the Same time as transplant
      • If we repair it first, will the transplant tear up the mesh repair
      • If we wait to repair until after transplant, will the anti-rejection drugs cause a problem
So its never boring and I am just trying to take it in stride.

I've had some very good friends get tested at Columbia (so here's to hope) and I am thankful for everyone who got tested last year at Yale,  I don't think folks really realize how much it means to me or anyone in this situation for folks just to try even if it doesn't work out... its the most unselfish gift someone can give- life and i wished I was healthy enough to pay it forward.

Hope you all have a nice weekend.



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