Wednesday, September 8, 2010

keep on trucking

It was a rough weekend for Labor Day - Labor is the correct word for it, I felt like i was in labor and I don't even know what that feels like, but for all you mothers out there, god bless you!

Seriously, i need this pelvic pain to go away.  I know they are worried when they told me to take some advil to help since i haven't been allowed to take Motrin/Advil for 5 years. ( its bad for Kidney patients).

We are just going to keep watching it and hopefully it will go away, if it doesn't let up, we will open me back up to see if there is a hernia forming or if the end of the catheter needs to be moved around. Either way, the end is near my bladder and uteris so its not very comfortable.

I made flight reservations for Christmas and for OKC/Dallas work trip this week, so it will be interesting for me to learn to get on and off a  plane with my dialysis machine- The case is large and heavy so I may go buy a cloth suitcase to carry since i have to take it on board and its 30lbs without the case. As for the fluids etc, i will just need to ship those with exception of one bad that needs to be put in my checked suitcase... i think its going to be an adventure.

- I will go check in at the Dialysis center tomororw - I still get Iron in the IV each week and Epo shots to help try to make new red blood cells. Plus they are increasing my fluid each week to stretch my tummy - i feel full 24/7 and my tummy is so tight- so kudos once again to all the mothers out there.

- I also go to Columbia again on Friday. I meet with a Social Worker and the actual Transplant Surgeon this go around since i didn't get to meet them when i was in last week.

_ I also go to the Dentist again next week to finish my implants and veneers from all the dental work i had to do to keep on the Transplant list - plus i need to get another mamagram to stay on the list.

It keeps me busy with work, but i know i can do this and just keep on trucking- ready to relax on Saturday with a dose of College Football - so I am still the same no matter what.

Hope everyone else is doing well.

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