Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Just wanted to reach out and say hello!

I know I am not great at keeping up with this, but its been a very trying couple of weeks.... so here is the short of it

  • Hernias- Not sure if we have them or not - 3 Doctors are discussing if i do or don't and if so when to operate. We agreed yesterday just to do a few cat scans to determine for certain and make a plan.
  • Work- We've had a reorganization and I've inherited several new job duties - so this is kinda stressful when i am trying to deal with all the new health stuff - I am learning a new job set... it will be great once the transition is over
  • Travel - very nervous for Thursday
    • I travel for the first time with my Dialysis Machine. Delta hasnt' exactly been helping the anxiety- they had to have machine dimensions, a doctor's note and said they will see if they let me bring in on board.  According to Baxter, we can't check it since they throw luggage and it may break and that will be very detrimental to my health, so pray that Thursday goes well so i can get to work on time and not end up being arrested at LaGuardia or Atlanta for trying to bring a Dialysis Machine on board and they mistake it for a bomb.
  • Donors - I have a couple of people with my blood type being tested right now, so lets keep our fingers crossed that they are good possible matches and if so that they are willing to schedule a surgery for me to get well... I am grateful that folks are willing to get all the tests run - believe me its nerve wracking.
Main things now to focus on for me is to try and control my blood pressure , its too high and they are worried, we all agree its stress of me trying to keep up with a normal work load and life and sleep deprivation.

I am still not sleeping well since I hurt each night on Dialysis from either Drain Pain or Hernia's - that developed due to the Catheter and Dialysis- luckily we will know for sure in  2 weeks and can try to fix it and the doctor gave me Valium to help me sleep since its been 6 weeks of maybe 2 hours a night and he thinks that is causing more problems.

I am in good spirits, a little stressed, and taking it day by day.

I am lucky that i have great friends and even strangers offering their kind support and that especially its football season to keep me occupied so lets hope the LSU Tigers try to learn clock management and offense and that the Saints get a better kicker.

Happy Tuesday.


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  1. Oh my gosh! Someone who knows firsthand what drain pain feels like and how impossible it is to get a good nights sleep. God bless you!