Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Traveling with the Machine and Life as we know it.

Sorry its been so long..

Things are crazy---  my office reorganized recently so my work load doubled as well as my direct line working with more employees. they are all very nice, its just inconvenient timing and a lot of stress trying to maintain my normal work load and learn an entirely new segment without time for a learning good times.

Anyway - I recently took a Road trip to Oklahoma City and to Dallas.  Unfortunately I had connections each way and it wasn't fun!

Security was very nice at the airports- They've seen the machine, you just need to be aware you will be pulled to the side for them to open it and make sure you aren't stashing anything else into it.

The issue comes in when you talk to the gate agents and flight attendants... seriously they need attitude adjustments... do they really think someone wants to be treated sick and like they are a mutant just to be able to board the plane early.  Plus, they only offered help to folks in wheelchairs...what happened to Delta airlines? What made flight attendants, tell someone with a pre-registered machine and a doctor's note tell me that unless its oxygen they were throwing it under the plane? Which of course i said, over my dead body, litterally since if you break that machine throwing it under the plane you can put my health in grave danger.
After several days and many connections of the same argument i made it to and from my road trip.

Delta isn't my first choice of a airline anymore- I will see on Sunday if Continental's flight attendants are in any better moods. We can always hope.

I am just taking things day by day trying to deal with work changes, dialysis, travel and just life as we know it...

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