Thursday, November 4, 2010

Catching up

Lots of things have been going on -

Filed a formal complaint with Continental Airlines - They wouldn't allow me to board the plane in New Orleans with the Machine - so I had to sit at the gate on the cell phone and have corporate continental get a disability representative to the gate to force the desk agent - Susan Frasier (i will never forget how rude she was in the New Orleans Airport) to allow me to board the plane- even if I pre-registered this machine.

Other than that things have been pretty calm-

My blood pressure is outta control, but they feel that is due to the weight gain - 13lbs so far from each night dialysis is straigh calories and sugar water going straight into my belly- i get more preggers looking by the day- so i am trying to cut down on some calories but the doctor said it wont help that much since they are filling me with the calories while i sleep.

As for sleep, thanks to the Vallum- I actually am getting 5 hours a night of sleep. The sleep deprivation is getting a little better so that is taking the edge off, but the pain is still there all night long until this Catheter comes out.

I am just taking it day by day.

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