Monday, August 9, 2010

Save Seffens Foundation

With all of these changes in my life, I decided to not sit around and let this happen to me, but for me to try to be proactive and  fight this disease and work to help myself.  One thing I've learned with all medical problems and professionals is that no one will advocate for yourself as much as you.  We must do everything we can to learn all the facts and get as many 2nd opinons as possible.

In saying that, I worked with my friend Josh and his law firm to set up and LLC, The Save Seffens Foundation in order to help get the word out to find myself a donor, raise money to pay for flights/hotel stay if the donor or their family didn't live near me, and to cover any thing else my insurance will not cover whether its the Dialysis or the actual transplant surgery.

My long term goal is to hopefully be able to change the name to the Seffens Foundation once I am well and continue doing this to help others throughout the years to come... There is strength in numbers and all of us whether its PKD we are facing or some other problem, we all need help.

Happy Monday, Melissa

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