Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Surgery - to prep for Dialysis.

Everyone has asked that I start a blog to help not only my friends and family but maybe others with PKD learn what day to day life is like so her goes.

I am currently taking a lunch break and counting down until I can go home and go to bed, its been an odd week and a half to say the least.

Last Wednesday, I had surgery to begin my long journey to Dialysis. I chose to do Periteneal Dialysis and they had to laprscoprically insert a catheter in my abdomen to prep me for my new Journey.

The first 2 days after surgery were fantastic, the Friday hit and i felt like I was cut off at the knees and finally realized that my life as I know it was over.  I can't shower, must use baby wipes, need assistanct to wash my hair and have tubes (noticably) sticking out of my abdomen and i look pregnant or like I swallowed a basketball from the surgery.

Yes, I know swelling will go down, but I was nieve to think that it would be so easy and things wouldn't change.

My advice for anyone else, ask more questions, ask to see what the catheter looks like so you won't be as shocked as me to have big plastic valves and 5 inches of tube on you that you weren't expecting...

Life is a Journey and I imagine this will get pretty interesting =-)  Melissa

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